Our Partners

We understand that we cannot go on this journey alone and have partners, advisors and sponsors who are working with us.


Dario Olivero and his team at DORODESIGN®  saw the inherent beauty and functionalities within the first few sketches and drafts of the project and decided to take on the titan air mobility project as a partner to give world-class visualization to the project.

DORODESIGN® is a Holistic design studio that design products, interiors, vehicles, identities, and digital products from Italy to China since 2009. DORODESIGN ® is a mix of multidisciplinary skills that combined, deliver unique design and experiences.

Over the past ten years, the studio has evolved into design and communication, thanks to the presence of a young creative team that involves six cultures, providing a complete service to help customers and partners to achieve their goals on a wide range of projects, physical and digital Depending on the cases, the design intertwines the product design, the interiors, and furnishings, the graphics design, packaging, and communication, through an international experience from Italy to China


We are a global team with a broad spectrum and diverse backgrounds  from Nigeria, Italy, Bangladesh, USA, the UK, and are constantly looking to add other distinctiveness to our collective

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Titan mobility utilizing electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft (eVTOLs) capabilities are designed to bypass the constraints of traditional infrastructure, enabling efficient and convenient transportation within regional areas.

Titan Mobility offer increased accessibility, connecting remote communities and reducing travel times by avoiding road congestion, Inaccessible terrain, and underdeveloped infrastructure.

 Our Hybrid and Electric,  HeVTOLs operate with distributed electric propulsion, resulting in significantly lower emissions and a reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional aircraft.

Designed for quiet operation to minimise noise pollution, promoting a harmonious coexistence with urban environments. 

We are guaranteeing enhanced connectivity, sustainability, and a new era of efficient Regional Mobility & Logistics for everyone, everywhere.