PAVs & Flying Taxis

Titan Mobility: Embrace the Future of Personal Air Travel

Our groundbreaking crewed craft is paving the way for the future of “flying cars.” Our innovative technology combines cutting-edge autonomous systems with the thrill of personal flight, revolutionizing the way we travel.

eVTOL craft ownership provides the freedom to soar above traffic, unlocking new levels of efficiency and convenience in the daily commute. Imagine effortlessly bypassing congested roads and reaching your destination in a fraction of the time. The Hexi family of aircraft offer a unique blend of autonomy and human control, allowing dynamic utilization and experience of piloting while benefiting from advanced autonomous features for enhanced safety and ease of use.

We are for the forward-thinking individuals and urban commuters who value their time and seek an elevated travel experience. Whether you’re a busy executive, a tech enthusiast, or an adventurous soul, Titan Mobility’s autonomous and semi-autonomous aircraft provide a thrilling and efficient mode of transportation.